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Nutrition for Hormonal Issues

There are a wide array of hormonal issues in both women and men. Adolescents are notorious for struggling, only to have their symptoms masked and usually worsen later in life. Unaddressed problems typically get worse over time and show up as a tougher menopause, enlarged prostate, or cancer in the worst case scenario. While thyroid issues are one type of hormonal problem, sex hormones are a completely different issue. Hormones are very complex and the right comprehensive testing is warranted to get to the root of the problem and overcome it for good.

There are a wide array of hormonal issues in both women and men. 

Heavy or irregular periods are one hormone issue that most women suffer with during their menstruating years. This is not normal or healthy. Masking it with the birth control pill only ignores the issue until it screams at you even louder with a more life-threatening issue, such as severe endometriosis, fibroids, or cancer, needing surgery and more pharmaceuticals later. Masking the pain ignores the problem and understanding what is going on is the first step to getting help. A comprehensive evaluation with our experts will determine what type of treatment you will need and how long it will take. Each and every case is unique. Since health insurance covers pharmaceuticals and surgeries, prevention and overcoming these issues for good is not deemed medically necessary by most pharma-funded insurance plans. We know it is necessary to help you achieve health, not managed sickness, so getting access to our care is made affordable for those that cannot pay up front for our much-sought after services.

Hot flashes, weight issues, brain fog, difficulty sleeping and low libido are common symptoms of menopause or perimenopause (the time around menopause where you still may be menstruating). These are not things you should just suffer with or take a synthetic pill to mask if you truly want to be healthy, not appear healthy. We believe giving a pill that comes with side effects or dangerous future consequences should not be the first line of defense. We work with you on your diet, lifesytle, and nutriceuticals (herbs, vitamins, minerals) that can help you to overcome these issues and prevent future ones!

Men suffer menopause, also, hence the word “men” in the word! Low testosterone is not the only thing they may face. Giving hormones is not always the answer as sometimes the body gets lazy and will need more and more of it, like any drug, to get a “hit”. We believe correcting the underlying issue after comprehensive labs are run is the key to long-lasting success.

Book a consultation today so we can learn more about what’s going on and help you to THRIVE, not just survive. You deserve to live your best life with your loved ones!

Tired of Stubborn Belly Fat that Won’t Budge?

There may be many reasons why you have excess fat on certain areas of the body: inflammation, gut infection, hormonal imbalance, or simply genetics. Functional medicine takes a different approach to health:

It delves deep into the underlying causes of belly fat, like hormonal imbalances or gut health issues.

Functional Medicine creates a custom plan based on your body’s unique needs, addressing nutrient deficiencies, underlying conditions, and inflammation.

It focuses on stress reduction, sleep quality, and exercise to support overall well-being so your body can focus on other, extra efforts (like toning).

By targeting the root causes, it offers long-term solutions for sustainable results and a healthier, happier you!

Explore functional medicine and what it can do for you! Reach out to our team!

Hormone Health

Hormone health is crucial to overall health. Hormones control everything. Avoiding plastics is very important as these reach hormone havoc on the body. They cause the body in men, women and children to up-regulate estrogen receptors. This promotes growth of tissues: fatty tissue, tumors, cysts, fibroids and more. Use glass bottles and containers. Avoid microwaving food, especially in plastic! Use glass tupperwares and a toaster oven. Try mushrooms, like Lion’s Mane, to absorb the toxins that mess up hormones. Maca is a great adatogenic hormone regulator for men and women.

Hormone Health Tips:

  • Avoid plastics
  • 1-2 cups veggies at meals
  • Sleep 8-9 hours per night
  • Reduce stress
  • Focus on the adrenals
  • Consume maca & mushrooms

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