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Physical fitness is different for each individual. During our comprehensive evaluation, we will understand the level that you are currently able to perform and gather information about your fitness goals. Some people are elite athletes and want to get back to high levels of physical achievement. They want to break their personal records. Some individuals can’t even get out of bed!

The Holistic Wholeness Institute treats kids too!
We treat kids too!

Understanding how to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be is what we specialize in. We are experts in coaching people through the baby steps that are needed to achieve the end goal. We believe progress, not perfection is the key to success. Working with you one on one through the setbacks and challenges that will arise is the key to long-lasting lifestyle habits that can sustain you long-term. Creating a lifestyle that lasts and customizing this to each unique individual is what makes us successful with each practice member that we work with. Evaluating your case in depth, getting to the root cause of the problem with the right Functional Medicine testing, implementing the right nutrition program for YOU are the first steps to help you have more energy so that you want to exercise! Having a system for success that works is what we are known for to help YOU live your best life. Book your free 15 minute discovery call today to learn more. Call 732.813.1133 or email now.

Unlocking the Power of Squats: The Whole-Body Workout Wonder!

For those who’ve just started or have been regularly exercising, you may be wondering why everyone is so hyped up about squats. Different social media personalities swear by only some specific moves, while others find benefit in performing a million different exercises per workout. There’s isn’t one right answer! What you want to aim for is an even-keeled exercise plan that addresses primary areas of the body.

Squats primarily stimulate lower body growth, but also warrant a growth response from the entire body (it requires several muscle groups to go up and down, especially if you’re using weights).

Squats require mental focus as well as physical effort. It’s a whole-body experience that benefits different muscle groups, encourages cognitive function, and promotes mind-body coordination to successfully execute.

If you’re wondering what exercise is right for you, or want to branch out into more difficult routines, contact our office. We can help you determine if your health is ready for more strenuous exercise and strategize the best course of action for your unique needs.

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