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Essential Oils

Our team specializes in supplementing your healthy lifestyle with essential oils that are customized to you. Your symptoms and lab results will reveal which food, fitness, and supplements should accompany your lifestyle for best results. We provide weekly classes that our members love so they can learn how to help themselves. Our practice members love learning ways to boost immunity with oils like oregano or rosemary that are antiseptic when diffused or used to clean surfaces. Whether it be to balance hormones, improve digestion, reduce anxiety, or some other ailment, our experts will add customized essential oil recommendations into your routine as one of the many ways we target the problems you’re facing. Ingesting oils is not recommended unless it is of food-grade quality and safe for ingestion. Topical use is helpful although can be dangerous if not applied with the appropriate carrier oil. Making your own cleaning products is another fun way to use oils instead of exposing yourself to carcinogenic, dangerous chemicals. Essential oils are a helpful adjunct, but rarely the sole intervention in a plan of care. Be sure to get a comprehensive evaluation with our team to know which oils are safe for you.

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