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Why is Vitamin C so Important?

“Oh you’re getting sick? Just take some vitamin C.”

I’m sure you’ve all heard or been told that at one point in your lives, but does anyone really know or understand why vitamin C is so important?

For one, yes, it supports immune function; it’s a protective antioxidant against damaging oxidative stress.

It also plays a significant role in collagen synthesis for connective tissues, bone, teeth and joints. Your body needs vitamin C to produce collagen a.k.a. hello youthful, radiant skin and goodbye achy muscles and joints.

It’s also known to improve the absorption of iron from plant-based foods–for all my vegetarians and vegans out there and also benefits skin health–I think you got the message by now.

Vitamin C is super important especially because it can’t be produced naturally in the body.

This makes it essential to get the vitamin through dietary sources.

Instead of reaching for the vitamin C packets or shots, focus on incorporating some of these vitamin C-rich, whole foods into your meals daily.

Vitamin C Sources

Save this post for later when you’re looking for ideas for your daily dose of vitamin C!

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