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What is ozone? It’s basically super-powered oxygen. It converts oxygen into an unstable form that creates peroxides. We know hydrogen peroxide kills germs, well so does ozone! Ozone should not be directly inhaled in a nasal canniculi, just like peroxide should not be swallowed. Ozone can be performed by intravenous methods at a doctor’s office or at home with other means.  There are ways to put limbs and body parts in ozonated bags or cups.  You can also expose the tympanic membrane of the ear (external ear) to fight colds and infections as well as types of cancers.  It can improve energy levels and reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein-Barr Virus, and much more. It’s great rectally or vaginally for an at-home alternative to the intravenous methods. It is up to 80% as effective as an IV when done rectally.  This is a cost-effective way to do it easily in your home. Talk to our team about if ozone is right for you and the safest way to start.


Grounding is the process of making contact with the earth’s electrical energy.  You can consider it like “charging up” your body the way you use electricity to charge your phone. Getting barefoot is the best way to ground yourself. Check out for grounding blankets and mats you can use when indoors to ground yourself when you can’t get outside. Dr. Nancy loves to sleep on top of her grounding blanket. Research performed by esteemed institutes are referenced throughout The Earthing Movie on YouTube for a layman’s guide to earthing and grounding.  The negative electrons of the earth are transferred to us when we make our skin contact the ground.  Start with 5-10 minutes per day and aim for 30 or more minutes per day for measured anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects.  Restoring the adrenals is aided by grounding. The adrenals restore other hormone imbalances so try earthing today! If it’s too cold to walk barefoot, consider grounding shoes. Harmony783 is a great sneaker that has been studied to actually work. Grounding socks are best but the sweat from your feet in regular socks is conductive as well. While it may sound crazy, it works. Try for yourself and see how you feel after being in nature 5-10 min, or 30+ minutes every day.


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