Thyroid Disorders

Our team will help set you on a balanced diet that will help stabilize your hormones.

Your thyroid is more important than you may think. This butterfly-shaped gland delivers hormones to your entire body through your bloodstream! These hormones regulate your metabolism, heart health, body temperature, and muscle strength. Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) occurs when your thyroid does not produce enough hormones. Those who experience this condition tend to endure constipation, hair loss, depression, muscle loss, weight gain, infertility, and fatigue. Conversely, hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) can result in rapid weight loss, muscle fatigue, and an irregular heartbeat.

Those with an unhealthy thyroid can utilize food to regulate their hormones. Our team at Holistic Wholeness Institute helps practice members in finding a regimen for a balanced body. First, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation. Then, we conduct comprehensive functional medicine tests to truly understand what is wrong. Then, we incorporate functional nutrition and fitness based on these test results.

Here are some of the nutritional aspects that our thyroid-focused methods are centered around:


Having a sufficient amount of iodine is quintessential for a healthy thyroid. Foods rich in iodine include:

  • Seaweed/nori
  • Cod
  • Prunes
  • Eggs
  • Iodized salt
Our team at Holistic Wholeness Institute helps practice members in finding a regimen for a balanced body

Our team ensures that practice members are getting a proper amount of iodine for their daily requirements. Too much iodine in one’s diet results in hyperthyroidism! We help patients understand the specific amount of iodine that their body requires. Some individuals ingest enough iodine and still have thyroid issues. An expert can get to the root of the problem with an effective, functional approach to find out where the missing piece is in the puzzle.

Vitamin D

Studies have shown that those who suffer from thyroid-related diseases tend to lack Vitamin D. The Vitamin is vital for regulating phosphate and calcium throughout the body. This is what protects your bones, teeth, and muscles. As energy tends to lack with hypothyroidism, an adequate amount of Vitamin D can boost your strength! Spending enough time in the sun each day supports your daily requirement for this nutrient. However, in those gloomy winter months, this remedy isn’t feasible for everyone. Therefore, Vitamin D should be supplemented with food as well! Our practice members at Holistic Wholeness Institute get a sufficient amount of this nutrient with oily fish, mushrooms, eggs, and fortified foods!


Our team motivates our patients with thyroid-related issues to implement daily gentle exercise into their routines. Individuals benefit from activity to boost energy and regulate their moods, but we don’t want them jumping into a CrossFit class right away! Those with hyperthyroidism may have an irregular heartbeat and lose weight quickly. Gentle workouts can help boost energy and endorphins without posing a risk. Those with hypothyroidism tend to lack energy and may not have been motivated to exercise on their own. Jumping into an intense workout regimen may shock their system. Easing into a training routine can set these patients up for success in the long term.

Some of the exercises we recommend for patients with thyroid-related issues include:

While it may be challenging to cure your thyroid-related illness, we can help regulate your thyroid with good nutrition and lifestyle habits. Above all, our team will help set you on a balanced diet that will help stabilize your hormones. Set up an appointment with us for a consultation on how we can help you manage this condition naturally!

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