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What can I expect during a Telehealth appointment?

Appointments are a video call and typically range from 25-45 minutes in length. An average session starts on time and is 30 minutes, one on one, with your doctor. Your doctor will assess your health issues as if you were in the office together. You and your doctor will review your health goals, and create a plan together for how frequently you need to meet to achieve full recovery. Your doctor will meet with you each session and provide you with interventions to help your condition to get a full recovery. It’s typical that your doctor will teach you and your loved ones how to help care for your condition and help you to get results as soon as possible. Telehealth is a great option for those that wish to stay home and not leave for a doctor’s appointment or are located far from the wellness center’s location. Contact us today to have access to our integrated medicine team in the comfort of your own home! Call 732.813.1133 or email us.

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