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Frustrated? Sick and tired? Not getting to the root of your health problems?

Holistic Wholeness Institute is the Wellness Department of Holistic Healing Center. This institute is designated for those individuals that desire to learn the root causes of their health issues with the right testing, education, one-on-one support, and group classes that are interactive and supportive of their success. Supplements are also analyzed and recommended as needed and if appropriate to achieve the health goal in mind. Our goal is to obtain what is needed through diet and lifestyle, however, some individuals do benefit from nutriceuticals (vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, all are specific types of “nutriceuticals” or “supplements”). Some individuals cannot have supplements for various reasons, so working on the diet and lifestyle, factors that everyone can benefit from safely, is crucial to anyone achieving optimal health.

Holistic Wholeness Institute Wellness Portal

We believe that teaching a motivated individual why they are experiencing fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, hot flashes, weight issues, low libido, anxiety and depression and how to help themselves naturally and effectively is one of the best ways to help individuals to thrive. Education is power and combining this with empowerment with the one-on-one and group support is the key to successfully helping individuals to thrive long-term.

We created a practice member portal that allows members to communicate with their provider weekly and monitor their progress. We also include small, manageable action steps each week for each person to learn and master the pillars of a healthy lifestyle now and long-term. We believe in helping individuals resolve their immediate problems and master a lifestyle for the rest of their lives that helps them improve their health over time, not steadily decline like the average American.

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