Luis Maysonet
Luis Maysonet
Wellness Concierge

Luis has tremendous energy and is so passionate about holistic health. With a background in healthcare, he has extensive experience in both traditional and alternative medicine. He is so caring, funny, and empathetic with our members.

On a personal note, he is happily married to his loving and supportive husband. Together, they are blessed with three incredible children who bring endless laughter and excitement to their lives. Regarding his interests, he loves nothing more than basking in warm weather, strolling along the beach, and indulging in captivating melodies. One quote that resonates deeply with him is “You only live once,” as it encourages him to embrace new experiences and broaden his horizons.

“I am genuinely excited to be a part of this incredible team and look forward to working closely with each of you to positively impact the lives of the people we serve. I am confident that we can achieve great things together and make a real difference.”

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