Vaishali Mehta
Vaishali Mehta
Wellness Concierge

Vaishali, our Wellness Concierge, has over a decade of healthcare experience. With a background rooted in patient care, she excels as a team player, attentive listener, and compassionate advocate for our clients. Her genuine dedication is evident in her friendly approach and her commitment to ensure that every detail is perfect for our members and their families. Trust her to bring professionalism, motivation, and a heartfelt touch to your wellness journey, tailored just for you.

Beyond her professional role, she finds joy in exploring the great outdoors through hiking, indulging in diverse cuisines, watching movies, and board games. Yoga is her daily retreat, grounding her amidst life’s demands. While she thrives in the city atmosphere, particularly in New York, she equally values her moments in nature. Vaishali is happily married with two amazing children, she believes that family is not just a bond but a source of strength and happiness that enriches her life in countless ways.

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